In summary, here is what you need to do to sign up your Scout for Cub Scout Pack 975 (see links below for letters/forms):

  1. Fill out BSA youth application – new Scouts only (1 copy).  Alternatively, to fill out application online scroll down for specific instructions.
  2. Fill out BSA adult application – new leaders only (1 copy, 2 pages).  Alternatively, to fill out application online scroll down for specific instructions.
  3. Pay fee to join – all Scouts (or via check at first meeting).  Scout’s registration fees can be paid online with PayPal – Complete this registration step during check out from Pack store.
  4. Fill out Scout Family Contact Information Form – new families only (1 per family).
  5. Fill out Annual BSA Medical Release Form – all scouts (parts A&B, 1 per scout).  Warning: Save this form to your drive before filling out.  Then Save again after editing.  FYI – This form is required every year, so you can save yourself time in the long run by filling it out on your computer and saving.
  6. Review the Pack 975 Code of Conduct PDF
  7. Show up to the meetings and have fun!

Please send your scanned, completed forms to or give them to your Den Leader at the next meeting.

New Online Registration Option! Here’s How.  This replaces step 1 and/or 2 above.  Other steps still apply.

  1. Go to Pack 975 page on the San Diego Imperial Council website Pack 975 Online Enrollment
  2. Click on “Apply Now” box below the Pack 975 St. Therese Parish listing.
  3. If you need more info about us before applying click on “Request More Information” if you need more info about Pack 975 before applying.
  4. Follow instructions, fill out form.

Lots of useful info in our “Pack Info Page” – click here to see the FAQs.

For a printable calendar with all the Pack 975 events and meetings, click Here (PDF).

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